At True North Float, we’re thrilled to offer our Fire & Ice service, a game-changing wellness tool backed by science. In this post, we will share some general suggestions, followed by some specific protocols that you can use to unlock your full potential at True North.

If you want to learn more about the specific benefits of Fire & Ice, check out our Fire & Ice page here.

Disclaimer: While we believe in the benefits of our Fire & Ice, your safety is ultimately in your own hands. True North Float is not liable for any injuries that result from cold plunging or sauna use. Please consult a healthcare professional if you have concerns about engaging in contrast therapy.

General Recommendations

  1. Start Slow, Grow Bold: Begin with manageable sessions of 10-15 minutes in the sauna and a brief 60-90 seconds cold plunge. As you adapt, you can gradually lengthen these durations.
  2. Find Your Rhythm: A good balance to aim for once acclimated is 15-30 minutes in the sauna, followed by a revitalizing 2-5 minute cold plunge. We recommend at least one Fire & Ice session per week.
  3. Cycle Safely: Aim for two to four cycles of heat and cold per session. But listen to your body – there’s no race here. It’s all about embracing your wellness journey and knowing your limits. If you get dizzy or light-headed, exit the sauna or plunge.
  4. Breathe Slow, Go Deep: Breathe calmly and control your body’s response to temperature changes. Breathe is the ultimate tool to go beyond the mind. Box breathing works best: Inhale for 4, hold at the top for 4, exhale for 4, hold at the bottom for 4, then repeat. Pro tip: Increase the length of your box breath over time [5 x 5, 6 x 6, etc.]
  5. Hydrate to Feel Great: Drink plenty of fluids before and after sessions to replenish your body. Remember, you’re not just sweating out toxins but also water! Enjoy the spring water and recovery beverages in our zen room.
  6. Trust the Timing: To optimize muscle recovery and relaxation benefits, try to fit in your Fire & Ice therapy the day after physical activity. You don’t want to plunge right after a workout, as you minimize the positive effects of post-workout inflammation.
  7. Consistency is Key: The more regularly you engage in contrast therapy, the more benefits you’ll reap. Make it part of your routine and feel the transformation. Based on scientific studies, we recommend weekly minimums of 11 minutes of ice and 57 minutes of fire.
  8. Your Health, Your Priority: Consult with a healthcare professional if you have any pre-existing conditions. We want you to enjoy your sessions safely and responsibly.
  9. Embrace the Journey: Fire & Ice Therapy isn’t a punishment – it’s a chance for growth. View it as an adventure in self-discovery and relish in the resilience you build over time. The discipline and willpower you build from Fire & Ice translates into all the other areas of your life!
  10. Float Away: The best time to Float is after a Fire & Ice session. You’ve primed your body, calmed the mind, and created the perfect conditions to drop into the zone. Follow up your session with a Float to maximize the benefits and balance that yang with some yin.

Suggested Protocols

True North Protocol

This protocol is designed to transcend your limits and connect to your power.

  1. Bring a Friend: Plunge parties are the best, especially when new to the practice. Bringing a friend can increase motivation, give you a safety spotter, and makes for an epic experience!
  2. Breathe Before: Show up 15 minutes before your session and practice some breathwork. We recommend doing 3 rounds of Wim Hof breathing to prime you for an epic session.
  3. Sauna First [15 minutes]: You’ll sweat faster if you don’t have to warm up a cold body. 15 minutes is a good goal to shoot for. Use box breathing to stay calm and centered.
  4. Rinse & Plunge [3 minutes]: Take a cold shower to rinse off any sweat. Ensure you aren’t lightheaded or dizzy when you enter the plunge. 2-3 minutes is an excellent goal to shoot for. Breathe slowly with exhales lasting twice as long as inhales to stay calm and centered.
  5. Energizing Breathe + Horse Posture [3 minutes]: Exit the cold plunge, drop into horse stance, and breathe deeply for a few minutes to manually heat up instead of heading straight into the sauna.
  6. Second Sauna [15 minutes]: Box breathing again. Increase the length of your box.
  7. Rinse & Final Plunge [3 minutes]: Cold shower followed by a 2-3 minute cold plunge. Exhale twice as long as you inhale and breathe beyond the mind.
  8. Repeat: Aim for at least two sessions per week for optimal results. Also, consider a Float after your session.

Andrew Huberman Protocols

Andrew Huberman is a professor at Stanford University and an amazing communicator of science and science-based tools. Check out the Huberman Lab Podcast for the best resource we know to hack your health. You can find Andrew’s recommended protocols for cold exposure here and his protocols for heat exposure here.

We hope these recommendations and protocols serve you on your transformational wellness journey at True North Float. If you’re ready to get after it, book a session today!

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