Frequently Asked Questions

• Arrive 15 minutes early for an orientation if its your first session with us
• Don’t apply any oils, lotions, perfumes or anything else with a strong fragrance prior to your float
• Please don’t smoke cigarettes prior to your float. 
• Don’t shave the day of your float as salt might irritate your skin
• Try not to be overly full or hungry when you float as it might be a distraction

Nope. Since you float nude, there’s no need for a swim suit. If you are doing a couples session and prefer to not be nude, then you’ll need to bring one. We provide earplugs, towels, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, blow dryers, and anything else you might need. If you have long hair and would like to brush it after your session, bring a brush. 

• We use state of the art filtration and sterilization technology to keep our float solution immaculately clean. 
• Our tanks are filtering 24/7. We run a thorough filter cycle between sessions that turns the entire body of water over 3-5 times. Whenever the tank is vacant, the water is filtering at a slower flow rate. We even filter the water at a very slow flow rate while we have floaters in the tank. 
• During filtration, the water passes through a 1 micron filter (a human hair is 70 microns), then gets treated with ozone and UV light to kill anything that might be living in the water. This is considered the most effective filtration method in the float industry and by the Float Tank Association. 
• We also add hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) to our water daily for additional sanitation.
•This will likely be the cleanest water you have ever been in.

People with claustrophobia consistently report no problems with floating, and all of our float tanks are, in fact, gigantic rooms. If you are particularly claustrophobic or anxious, try your first float in our Infinity Room. Its completely open with no door and built specifically with you in mind. If you can get in a bath tub, you can float in Infinity.

Our typical sessions are 90 minutes, but we also book sessions for up to 180 minutes. Our minds are so used to the stimulation overload that we experience on a daily basis, so entering such a relaxed state may feel abnormal or difficult at first. We encourage you to focus on your breathing and try and relax into any boredom or restlessness you feel. If you experience any discomfort, sickness, or anything else that causes you to want to end the session early, you are totally welcome, and we encourage you to trust your intuition. Our zen room is a great place to chill out if you need some time afterward. 

Nope. With the specific gravity of our float solution, its impossible for a human being to not float. Sleeping is commonplace in the float tank. The worst that could happen is you might get a bit of salt in your eyes, and we have a fresh water squirt bottle in the tank just in case. 

Totally. We can accommodate groups of 2 at the same time if you are floating separately or 4 if two couples are floating together.

Yes! Bring your significant other or a plus one. Our tanks are spacious and designed with couples in mind. Just remember, no funny extra curricular activities in the tank that would result in contaminated water and a cleaning fee.

Our typical sessions are 90 minutes, but if you book back to back sessions, you can float for 3 hours. 

Floating is not only safe for pregnant women, but is highly encouraged! Float sessions not only provide you with stress relief and weightlessness, but coupled with the Epsom salt’s anti-inflammatory properties, a float session can really ease the strain on a pregnant body. The quiet, stimulus-free environment is a beautiful opportunity to connect more closely with your baby as well.

3-4 weeks is typically what it takes to allow new tattoos or piercings to heal enough so that the high salt content of the water will not be irritating or damaging to the tattoo. 

For guests with recently colored hair or highlights, we recommend not floating until roughly one week after treatment because the salt can strip color. Temporary hair coloring can stain our tanks and requires three weeks to stabilize prior to floating. Once the color stops running when you wash and towel it, you are clear to float. If you float too soon after dying your hair and stain our float tank, you will be liable for a cleaning fee. 

Sure thing, just bring the proper accoutrements as if you were swimming at a public pool. We recommend using a tampon, a cup, or a disc if that’s your preference. We do provide organic cotton tampons in our bathrooms in case you forget or encounter a surprise.

94-96 degrees which is skin receptor neutral. We aim for temperature to be a non-factor. If you run particularly cold, consider our Infinity float room, as its usually slightly warmer air temperature. 

Not often. Usually our schedule fills up so you are better off booking online or calling ahead to book your session. 

• Yes, there are a couple things worth noting, all of which are stipulated in our waivers.
• It goes without saying, but obviously no bodily fluids or excretions in the tanks – no mucus, no spit, no semen, no urine, no feces. Please help us maintain our cleanliness standards. (You may be subject up to a $1,500 cleaning/salt replenishment fee if you fail to oblige).
• Please do not float if you: have COVID or have been exposed to COVID recently, have any sort of infectious skin or respiratory disorders, if you have an unhealed tattoo, if you have open wounds, if you have serious incontinence, or if you have uncontrolled epilepsy or serious mental conditions. Additionally, please think of others. If you have any sort of illness that may still be in the contagious stages, please stay home. We will happily reschedule any float session already on the books if you’ve come down with something.

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