We are on a mission to create liberating structures for a more beautiful world.

True North began as a “download” in a float tank in 2018, and has since grown from a single seed into many projects, including True North Float.

Our aim is to inspire and empower individuals to reach for their True North, the source of their deepest desire and greatest inspiration.

We believe in the power of our environment, architecture, and sacred waters to catalyze health, discovery, and metamorphosis.

What We Do

In these extraordinary times, humanity faces a surge of chronic diseases, stress, burnout, and emotional despair. Amidst the chaos of the information age, it’s increasingly challenging to find sanctuary from the noise.

True North Float offers a haven for those seeking profound change. Our tranquil wellness center stewards sacred waters and transformative practices to alleviate pain and stress, conquer limiting patterns, heal deep wounds, and cope with our existential crises.

More than just an escape, True North Float fosters flow, enhances performance, ignites creativity, and deepens spiritual connections, serving as a launch pad for inner exploration.

Our mantra is: Heal, Discover, Transform.


Our health is foundational and essential to reaching our full potential as individuals and as a collective.

When we are compromised with injuries, pain, and traumas, we are limited and unable to express our unique gifts in the world. Whether our ailments are physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual, healing is the logical first step on the path to human optimization and self actualization.

We trust that each human body has an innate healing intelligence, evolved over deep time. This culmination of eons of evolutionary creativity has emerged the human form – Anthropos.

With breath (life force energy) catalyzing our regeneration and healing, we are expanded and liberated, as we discover a new frontier of possibility.


As we consciously connect to our breathing, we bring life force into the body. This pranic practice brings self-awareness, awakens the body, and expands consciousness.

With this practice of self-love, we discover our instincts (physical), intuition (emotional), intellect (mental), and inspiration (spiritual). From root to crown we open and align our energy centers, bringing our being fully online – awake, alive, and aligned.

At True North Float, we aim to create the ultimate space for this inner exploration and discovery. In the float tank, the outer world turns as sacred waters illuminate the inner world. With contrast therapy and breathwork, the body is stimulated as we activate our inner physician. In Sojourner, bodyworkers take us on a journey into the gift of our pain. And with psychedelic medicines, we expand and encounter the great mystery.


Metamorphosis can be defined as “A change of the form or nature of a thing or person into a completely different one, by natural or supernatural means.”

With our breath restored, our heart remembered, our brain in balance, and our inner fire rekindled, the transformation is underway.

This metamorphosis is the proverbial evolution from caterpillar to butterfly – from domesticated consumer to Sovereign Soul. It is the creative manifestation of our uniquely meaningful, powerful, and inspirational nature – our “True North.”

Our Team

Alyssa Apostol

Bodyworker & Astrologer

Christian Dockstader

Founder, Chief Exploration Officer (CEO)

Amber Carsten

Ketamine Breathworker (Satori Health)

Izabell Blazzard

Shop Squad and Float Specialist

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“Stay awake. Build stuff. Help out.”

What ignites the fire within you? Are you embracing a life infused with purpose, brimming with creative expression, and deeply rooted in meaningful connections? Have you unearthed your distinctive True North, that guiding star leading you to your most authentic self?

Seize the moment and schedule a transformative session today. Dare to embark on an odyssey of healing, self-discovery, and metamorphosis. Unleash the dormant potential within, and step boldly into a life of boundless possibilities.

If not you, who? If not now, when?

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