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‘Tis the season of wonder and cheer,
Where gifts of True North are held most dear.
Trinkets may fade to the landfill – forgot,
But journeys to True North? Certainly not.

In the realm of float tanks, where still waters lie,
Gift a voyage to the void, where souls may fly.
Through Fire & Ice, vitality’s born,
A dance with elements, on frosty morn.

In soothing hands of masseuse’s care,
Heal and recover, beyond compare.
Energywork weaves alchemical light,
Threads of intention, shining ever bright.

But hark! The greatest gift is yet in store,
Down the rabbit hole, there lies so much more.
A quest across transformation’s sea,
Find the elixir, set your Soul free.


The Rabbit Hole

Hello Hero. Welcome to the rabbit hole. 🐰

Are you ready to stop doom-scrolling and find your full focus? Are you ready to swap the cage of fear for the wings of freedom? Are you ready to leave the monotonous grind of modernity for the unique purpose and fulfillment that your Soul desires?

Are you ready to embark on a quest?

SoulQuest is a 45-day intensive program designed to power up your body, sharpen your mind, and awaken your soul. It’s a quest to become a live player in the infinite game.

Its time to level up so you can show up.

Your destiny is calling.

This quest is not for the faint of heart, but for the curious and courageous. Its not a leisurely stroll in the proverbial park, but rather a deep dive into the YOU-niverse. Here be dragons.

You won’t find another gooey self-help “safe space” to re-hash all your old stories, but rather a transformative crucible of heroes training for greatness.

Think of this as a dojo for modern Jedi. 

"You're perfect exactly as you are (and you could use a little work).”

Sick of sleepwalking through the soul-sapping sameness of the everyday grind?

 Burned out by the broken belief structures and fallen faith figures? 

Tired of the compulsive consumeristic carnival of rats racing for nacho cheese and big gulps?

If you’re ready to wake up from this bad dream to play a more interesting game, follow us down the rabbit hole.

Who knows… maybe you’ll even find your Soul.

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure that you seek.”

Modernity: A Comedy of Crises

Welcome to the modern world, where disease is chronic and the crises comes in every conceivable flavor. 

These days there are no shortage of proverbial “oofs” to get you down; but hey, let’s not lose our sense of humor as we dive into the absurdity and surf the surreal spectacle of our time.

Health crisis

In this era of excess, obesity has become our unwanted badge of honor. Heart disease reigns as America’s silent, relentless killer. A staggering 70% of us are overweight, with 42% crossing into obesity’s uncharted territory.

It seems we’re wearing our collective grief, not on our sleeves, but on our waistlines.

Welcome to the age of screens, where the average person spends countless hours per day in a digital trance. We’re trapped in the Matrix, self-medicating with alcohol, sugar, opioids, and all the rest.

We’re a generation of scrolling zombies, unable to resist the smorgasbord of dopamine dependencies, each vying for a piece of our fractured attention.

With the rise of plastics, factory farming, and other industrialized toxins making their way into our biomes, fertility is through the floor. Declines in testosterone levels, sperm counts, and (hilariously) taint sizes, are indicators of our incompetency.

Millennials tend to parent dogs instead of kids, but it seems like that might not be optional.

meaning crisis

Our lives are an endless loop of work, spend, rinse, and repeat. From childhood to the corporate ladder, we’re conditioned to be diligent workers, perpetually chasing that paycheck. In the process we surrender our most precious resource—time.

Dance for your dollar!

Our consumerist culture teaches us that happiness lies in acquisition… of stuff! New stuff, used stuff, red stuff, blue stuff. The pursuit of the latest gadgets, fashion, and trinkets has become our modern mantra.

Our homes have become museums of materialism, filled with stuff that can’t fill the holes in our souls.

The death of the divine and the rise of the selfie! We left the garden for the grocery store, traded the tribe for traffic, and swapped the sacred for souvenirs. The traditional anchors of religion and community have given way to individualism and nihilism.

Suicides and school shootings mark our decline into the meaning crisis.

existential crisis

The night skies once filled with stars, are now veiled in artificial light. Our once pristine waters are becoming a plastic soup, with more microplastics in the sea than stars in our galaxy. The air is filled with the fumes of our compulsive consumption, as we burn liquid starlight for carbon convenience.

Landfill Earth anyone?

It’s a mass extinction party and every species is invited – whether they like it or not. From the buzzing bees to the majestic trees, the guest list of vanishing species grows longer each day. We’re not just losing species; we’re losing the symphony of life itself, note by tragic fucking note.

Our concrete jungles replace actual jungles, as we pave over paradise. 

As we run headlong into the age of AI, we are stumbling blindly into the machine world. Governments and corporations race to generalized artificial intelligence, worshiping the gods of dollars and data.

The smartest and wisest among us are begging for a breather, but this train doesn’t seem to have any brakes.

Beyond “Self-Help”

So where do we go from here?

In order to face the wicked problems of our times, SoulQuest transcends the realm of typical self-help, sidestepping the cliché promises of quick fixes and superficial one-size-fits-all solutions. This quest is more than quick hacks, time tested tips and tricks, or over-hyped info-marketer “master minds.”

Change is hard.

This is not a journey of convenience, it’s an odyssey into the heart of transformation. We don’t offer magical panaceas or silver bullets. 

Instead, we invite you to embrace resistance and undertake the arduous yet rewarding quest of personal metamorphosis.

That being said, we may just have some cheat codes up our sleeves. We like to work smarter, not harder.

If you are ready to put in the time, do the work, and push past your current limitations, then prepare for a transformation of body, mind, and soul.

SoulQuest is a full-stack immersion, catalyzing change and training Modern Jedi.


SoulQuest kickstarts your physical transformation with a focus on the fundamentals. Take your power back with our Power Hour Practice. We start by optimizing your breathing, recalibrating your sleep patterns, and boosting your energy levels.

We will cut out all bullshit holding you back, replacing complacency with discipline and lethargy with vitality.

Transform into a rare breed of human who embodies true sovereignty. Our program targets strength, mobility, and endurance, ensuring a well-rounded approach to optimal fitness and functional performance.

We replace harmful habits with empowering practices, supercharging willpower and creating freedom.

With enhanced focus and attention training, SoulQuest sharpens your cognitive abilities, helping you defeat the modern epidemics of distraction and ADHD. Transcend the constraints of the sedentary lifestyle and experience a significant boost in overall performance.

Crush your top priorities, master the art of learning, and achieve harmony between work and play so you can show up fully in the world. 


Experience a mental reboot with SoulQuest, where we explore new mental maps and models for navigating the complexities of the world.

Install an upgraded mindset, fostering clearer thinking, enhanced understanding, and peak cognitive performance. Replace uncertainty and confusion with intuition and reason.

Enrich your intellectual arsenal with a blend of contemporary insights and timeless wisdom. Our curated selection of teachings from thought leaders delves into the depths of self-awareness and sense-making.

Embrace a diverse mix of philosophy and psychology, offering insight and wisdom in an era where traditional paradigms are fading fast.

Embark on a continuous journey of intellectual and spiritual expansion. Each module in SoulQuest is crafted to expand your inner and outer landscapes, embracing everything from mindfulness, to critical thinking, to sacred ritual.

Commit to the path of lifelong learning, constantly evolving to meet the ever-changing landscape of our fast-paced modern world.


Integrate your shadow on your journey towards wholeness and individuation. SoulQuest guides you in aligning your actions with your deepest values and aspirations.

Your growth and expansion will be integrated within an intimate cohort of fellow heroes, and grounded down into practical and tactical real-world applications.

Foster a deeper connection with yourself, your tribe, and the greater world around you. Experience a sense of camaraderie as you quest alongside fellow seekers and adventurers, building bonds that transcend the superficial.

Honor the sacred and cultivate a spiritual practice free of dogmas or ideologies. Reconnect to something greater than yourself and channel SoulForce back into your life.

Discover a wellspring of unique meaning and purpose in your life. SoulQuest is your compass to discover and define your True North, guiding you towards a life of significance and fulfillment.

Meet the existential challenges of our times with radical hope, inspired and equipped with the tools and wisdom to make a real difference in the world, while you savor the sweetness of your journey along the way.

soulquest pricing

How do you price a SoulQuest?

Does freedom and fulfillment have a price?

What is the worth of a Soul?

For willing heroes, this journey will be absolutely life-changing and effectively priceless.

PRICE: $5000

This is a purpose driven project and we are committed to not letting mere money get in the way of your transformation. 

Its our mission to make this quest accessible to all who are truly committed and ready to answer the call to adventure.

What We Deliver

  • SoulQuest includes 6 weekly modules of interactive and impactful material, designed to stick and make a real difference. It’s not just another course; it’s a life-changing experience. [Cheat Codes Included]
  • We ditch the traditional homework approach. Our content is engaging and practical, ensuring you stay curious while still stretching your limits.
  • SoulQuest is designed to minimize screen fatigue, offering a mix of multimedia formats to keep things fresh and exciting, and mixing in embodied and experiential learning.

  • We’ve taken an “80/20” approach to transformation. Our “Power Hour Practice” focuses on the most impactful and effective modalities and techniques to upgrade your daily life.
  • The Power Hour is designed to fit into busy schedules. It’s customizable and adaptable to suit your lifestyle and needs, your personal practice is always safe, effective, and rewarding.
  • Our Power Hour is scaffolded with structured support, with weekly checkins with your “Boat Team” – a small group of fellow SoulQuest companions.

  • 6 Floats: We introduce you to Floating, a powerful catalyst for transformation. We provide a supportive environment, making the journey into self-discovery gentle yet powerful.
  • 3 Fire & Ice: Our Fire & Ice sessions are more invigorating than intimidating, supported by Wim Hof Method training and guidance.
  • 1 Massage: Our 90-minute massages are conducted with the utmost respect for your comfort and consent, as well as customized to each unique body.

  • Open-minded and non-judgmental, we respect your views and offer a guided journey tailored to your specific intentions and needs. If you choose to opt out of ketamine use, we have powerful non-substance alternatives.
  • Ketamine sessions are conducted by Satori Health, with trained professionals in a controlled, intentional environment, ensuring a positive, safe, and legal experience. Ketamine journeys require a medical evaluation and prescription.
  • True North’s approach to substance use is mindful and intentional, focusing on personal growth and self-exploration rather than escapism and novelty seeking.

  • We gather for 6 weekly “Digital Campfires” [Zoom] that foster a space for group support and integration where everyone belongs. These calls create a rich environment for group learning, deeper dives, and vulnerable shares. 
  • Introverts welcome! We respect your personal comfort levels and privacy, allowing you to engage at your own pace. 
  • We intentionally use software that helps bring our community to life. All of our content is easy to navigate, our community chat is always open for questions and deeper discourse, and our weekly gatherings ensure nobody gets left behind.

  • This quest only requires 10 hours per week, and offers a flexible structure that adapts to your life. You can schedule TNF services at your convenience, and catch the recordings of our weekly gatherings if you miss one.
  • SoulQuest is designed to ensure completion, with immersive content designed to gradually introduce you to new material and practices, ensuring a sustainable path to transformation, rather than information overload and burnout. 
  • SoulQuest is built for the busy individual. We provide efficient and impactful practices that fit into your life without overwhelming you. This quest will unlock your calendar and bring more flexibility and freedom to your schedule.

  • This program is designed to enrich your personal life, not take away from it. You’ll find yourself more present and engaged with your loved ones, transforming personal relationships and finding more time for what matters.
  • The practices and upgrades we deploy are directly applicable to enhancing your work and parenting life, making every aspect of your day more fulfilling and meaningful, while increasing your productivity, creativity, and performance.
  • SoulQuest is the ultimate investment in your well-being, and we offer flexible payment options to ease financial concerns. We also provide scholarships and sliding scale pricing, making this quest reachable for everyone.

"Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change."


Save $1667 (33%) on SoulQuest until Christmas.

This is our biggest discount ever.

Now Only $3333

Side Quests

What’s an epic adventure without a few unexpected twists and turns? In the spirit of every grand tale, we’ve sprinkled some extra magic into your SoulQuest. 

The stand-alone value of each of these offerings is potent, but we want to create an unbeatable offer and a truly transformational experience for every hero embarking on this journey. 

Enjoy these “side quests” at no additional cost.

Initiation [$500]

Join us for an overnight intensive at Holmstead Ranch, as we drop in around the fire and kick off the journey together.

Expect to experience trials, break-throughs, and connections with new allies.

Houston, we have liftoff. 

Learn the Wim Hof Method and the fundamentals of breathing.

Break the ice (literally) with a group polar pond plunge.

Sweat through your limitations and dig deep in the sauna dome. 

Trial by fire… and ice. 

Drop into deep discourse with a structured “Jeffersonian” style dinner – great food and epic conversation. 

Enjoy late night music, a sky full of stars, and comfortable cabin accommodations. 

Homecoming [$500]

Return to Holmstead Ranch as we celebrate the new you, and close our quest together. 

Expect a transformative and rewarding drop in with your fellow heroes, as well as a powerful final journey together. 

This powerful group journey will be facilitated by Satori Health, with ketamine and cannabis as optional enhancements. 

Break through any final limitations and “come home” to your True Self. 

The container will be legal, safe, and intentional. 

Celebrate your return victory with your SoulQuest companions as you prepare to bring your elixir back to the ordinary world. 

Enjoy food, drinks, live music, stars, fires, and connection as we vibe into the night. 

Comfortable cabin accommodations will be provided. 

Momentum [$700]

Enjoy a 3-month membership at True North Float to continue your progress and keep the momentum. 

This includes 1 monthly float, plus discounts on additional services. 

[No contract. Membership renews unless cancelled.] 

Integrate your quest with our cohort of heroes and join us for 3 additional Digital Campfires. These will be weekly, following the end of the quest. 

Take advantage of a one-on-one call with your guide. This is your oppertunity for final questions, feedback, and support.

This allows for continued momentum and a “soft landing” as you make the transition back to regular life.

Join our alumni community [Telegram] for ongoing connection, support, integration, and discourse. 

Get access to additional content for deeper dives including our recommended reading list, podcasts, videos, courses, and more. 

Get exclusive access to alumni community events, new offerings, and collaborative opportunities. 

"And You... When will you begin that long journey into yourself?

transparent pricing

$5000 [Core Quest]
 + $1700 [Side Quests]
= $6700

Now Only $3333

Your Call To Adventure

You stand at a crossroads.

One path leads back to the familiar — the comfort of the known, the safety of the routine.

The other? A path less traveled, a journey into the heart of who you are and who you could be.

This is your call to adventure, your chance to write a story that is uniquely yours.

“Let’s decide to be the architects, The masters of our fate!”

The Clock Is Ticking

Time waits for no one, and this Quest has a hard start. 

Enrollment for this life-changing journey ends on December 24th, and with it, our holiday offer as well.

This is your chance to seize the moment and embark on a quest at an exclusive offer [$3,333.]

When the clock strikes midnight on Christmas Eve, this offer, like Cinderella’s coach, returns to the realm of the ordinary.

A Gathering Of Heroes

In the halls of our heroes, we believe in the impact of intimacy. 

That’s why we limit our cohorts to just 20 souls — 20 warriors, 20 seekers, 20 dreamers. It’s a circle small enough for deep drop-ins, yet large enough for communal magic.

But it also means that seats fill fast. Very fast.

If you yearn to be part of this exclusive fellowship, act now. Hesitation may mean missing your seat at the round table of transformation.

Your Guide

This is Christian, your guide for this SoulQuest.

I grew up in an a large family, inside a fundamentalist Mormon cult in Southern Utah. 

Just as I was reaching adulthood, I had an encounter with the internet that broke my faith and left me in a vacuum of meaning. 

I left my hometown, along with everything I ever knew, embarking on an odyssey of self-discovery that would ultimately take me around the world in search of my True North.

After a decade of experience, learning, training, immersions, hundreds of books, and thousands of hours of podcasts, I returned to Southern Utah to be of service.

I’m a curious creator, a soulful seeker, and free-spirited fool on my own heroes journey.

I’m also the Chief Exploration Officer of True North Float, the creator of SoulQuest, and the founder of True North Project – an enterprise to create liberating structures that orient humanity towards a more beautiful world.

My Promise To You

I have put my heart and soul into this project, and I believe so deeply in the transformative power of SoulQuest that I will offer you an unbeatable guarantee.

Complete the full quest before you make your final decision — engage with the content, participate in the calls, embark on the journeys, and immerse yourself in the practice.

If, after all that, you don’t feel transformed, if your soul isn’t brimming with new life and purpose, I will refund your investment in full.

That way, you can make the most informed decision possible, once you’ve fully experienced the magic of SoulQuest. Absolutely no risk to you.

I’m that confident that SoulQuest will absolutely level-up your life.

The Journey Awaits

“The mass of men live lives of quiet desperation.”

Remember, the greatest risk is to risk nothing at all. 

Don’t watch while life passes you by. Now is the time to invest in yourself, to take that leap of faith.

Book a discovery call today and see if SoulQuest is the right fit for you.

By choosing this path, you choose growth over comfort, transformation over stagnation, and an extraordinary life over the mundane malaise of modernity. 

The seats are filling up fast, the deadline is near, and these savings will soon expire.

This is more than just a commitment to a course; it’s a commitment to yourself, to your growth, and to the person you’re destined to become.

"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."

Hero, your destiny is calling.

Will you answer the call?

Discover Your Potential

Schedule a discovery call today and see if SoulQuest is the right path for your journey. 

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