Breathe intention into your cells and unlock your potential with an energywork session in our Sojourner room.

Alchemy of Intention

Energywork is an alternative therapy that promotes physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. It is based on the understanding that the human body has an energy field that can become unbalanced or blocked, leading to physical or emotional problems. 

Intention and breath are the main catalysts of transformation in an energywork session. Practitioners use a variety of techniques to balance and restore the flow of energy throughout the body including breathwork, sound healing, energetic clearing, auricular therapy, and acupressure. 

Benefits of Energywork

Reduce stress and anxiety

Energy work can be a powerful tool for reducing stress and anxiety by consciously breathing and activating the parasympathetic nervous system.

Process emotions, traumas, and limiting beliefs

Within the safe container of an energy work session, you are free to process emotions, release stagnant energy, and transcend limiting beliefs about yourself.

Enhance clarity and inspiration

Energy work can clarify what you desire and what inspires you. Using mantras and affirmations, you can infuse this inspiration into your life.

Unlock Cellular Conciousness

By intentionally breathing prana into our cells, we remember our innate power, unlocking new wisdom and a greater sense of serenity and well-being. 


Amber is a clear channel and conduit for your healing. She uses sound, breath, mantra, and intention to alchemize the physical and energetic body into its highest vibrational frequency of truth.

In a session with Amber, you will work to distinguish the self vs. the story of the self, bringing your human experience into integrity. By working with the chakra energy system, you will illuminate each energy center to create a clear channel for information and cells to circulate and regenerate. Breaking the programming of ignoring and disassociation from pain, you instead integrate and alchemize it into proverbial gold. 

Amber locates, shifts, and clears blockages with physical hands-on acupressure therapy and incorporates Auricular therapy for any other physical pain.

Transformative Testimonials

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“Our intentions create our reality.”

Book your energywork session today and experience the alchemy of intention. Our skilled practitioners offer various modalities to help you breakthrough limiting beliefs and discover your True North. Energywork is bookable in our Sojourner room.

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