Black Friday

The darkest day of the year.

In a world awash with clamorous cries,
Where the clatter of carts under fluorescent skies,
Tells a tale of a Friday, darkest of all,
Where the masses converge in the great shopping mall.

Amid aisles of gadgets, gizmos, and more,
Lies a void in each consumerist’s core.
A hole that the deals and discounts wont fill,
A longing for meaning, of something more real.

Cardboard and plastic shipped to your door,
Opening boxes, begging for more.
Cartloads from China, fill up your home,
Bending the knee to the Amazon throne.

Mountains of trinkets soon destined to rust,
In landfills they lay, covered in dust.
The King of the Junkyard, Bezos shall reign!
Building the desert, turning sacred profane.

Yet, hark! There’s a whisper, a beckoning call,
To a haven where peace and serenity fall.
Away from the shopping and chaos so loud,
A sanctuary waits, far from the crowd.

Within sacred waters, so calm and so clear,
Float away from the frenzy, let go of your fear.
Embark on a journey, not bought or sold,
In the depths of oneself, mysteries unfold.

What’s found in the float tank, no money can buy,
The essence of being, a vast open sky.
Escape from Black Friday, and venture forth,
Remember your Soul, find your True North.

Experiences > Things

Why not bet on yourself this year and float away from the consumerist crowd? 


Our float tanks offer a sensory deprivation experience that can help you disconnect from the stressors of daily life and enter a deeply relaxed state, leading to an amazing nights sleep. This relaxation can help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression.

The buoyancy of the float tank can help reduce pressure on your joints and muscles, while the magnesium-rich Epsom salt solution can soothe tension, pain, and inflammation. Top athletes like Steph Curry and Tom Brady use floating to recover from physical exertion and heal injuries.

The float tank is the perfect environment to consciously connect to breath, activate the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest), and let the natural healing intelligence of the body go to work. We all have an inner physician capable of healing, and the float tank is the perfect place to begin your regenerative journey.


Without screens, quick dopamine hits, and distractions, the float environment improves concentration and focus. We are free to be as we are, free to think what we want, free to express our deepest desires. On the other side of boredom, is freedom. Take back your attention span.

The float tank is a gateway to unexplored inner realms, the frontier of conscioussness. With a renewed curiosity, we can connect to the void – the endless possibility space that precedes creation. The mental clarity found in the tank can help you discover new insights, ideas, and perspectives. Calling all artists!

Floating is an ideal environment for your meditation or mindfulness practice, as it can help quiet the mind and evoke stillness and presence. The sensory deprivation tank has been known to elicit profound meditative insights.


Deep truths are both rationalized and felt. The float tank is the ideal environment to tune into your emotions, reconnect to your gut and your heart, and simply feel. This primal intuitive sensemaking is a vital component of our inner compass, bringing our desires into clear focus.

Our deepest desires inspire us to act. This inspiration is woven into our daily lives with intention. Intention takes us from mere imagination, to manifestation.

A regular float practice interupts the inertia of society and allows us to create and maintain our own momentum. By regularly coming back to center, we can keep our heading, re-orienting when the world blows us off course. With the compass of intuition, the rudder of intention, and inspiration in our sails, we transform our lives and manifest our deepest desires – our True North.

Here's The Deal

Let’s be real, you came here for a deal. But let’s call this “Float Friday” and try to wash ourselves clean of the materialistic madness lol.

So here’s the deal:

25% Off All Services

[11/24 – 11/27]
Discount Code: floatfriday

Now’s a great time to stock up on wellness, instead of stuff, and make the ultimate investment – bet on yourself. 

The Rabbit hole

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure that you seek"

If you’re seeking something more interesting than discounts, deals, and capitalist thrills, we’ve got a Quest for you.
If you’re curious, follow the rabbit hole further.

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